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Luxury Bathtub Shelf handmade from Reclaimed Woods, custom built to fit your bathtub. Your bath tray can hold candles, a glass of wine, a book, a phone, a tablet. The wood is smooth and splinter free after sanding. This bath tray will show character with natural wood indentations. This listing is for tubs 28-38 Long. Any other special requests please email us and ask. We can create a custom quote for you. If you would like us to give you an accurate shipping quote please send us a message we would be happy to give you a quote. The Tray in our listing photo is Style 6, Stain: Ipswich Pine. * This listing is for USA shipping Rates STANDARD FEATURES: * We use oil to finish the tray with a natural finish. * The rectangle pattern as you see. (Check out our Etsy Shop for other patterns we offer) * Feet on the bottom to secure the tray in place. * Backing to secure the tray in place. If you do not wish for the backing to be added please let us know when ordering. We finish our trays with sealing on the bottom and sides of the tray to help protect it from water. * Standard width is about 15. * If you have a preference in the color of wood we use please let us know in the note section when ordering what tones you would prefer. Each bath tray will be different due to the fact no two pieces of wood are the same. Our bath tray does not come standard with an Easel. We will send you a progress photos so you can see the pattern and color is to your liking. * We will message you once we have the pattern complete, and once more before we ship your tray. Please make sure you check your messages, because we do require approval on both photos. WHAT IS NEEDED TO ORDER: -Measurements: We need the inside measurement of your tub, outside measurements going across your tub, the two edge measurements, and which direction you will be using the tray in. Please see our picture above to see exactly what measurements we need. We need measurements for A,B,C, & D, 1 or 2 for the Direction. Please provide your measurements in the note section when checking out. – Wood color preference- Darker, lighter, or like the listing photo. —— Order Information——- You can copy and paste this quick order guide in the note section. Pattern: Wood Tones: Easel: Soap Dish: Stain: Stain Color: Indentation: Placement: Dimension: A. B. C. D. Direction Facing: 1, or 2 – Stain Color if you have chosen the stain option. Please put the color choice in the note section at checkout. -*If we do not get any notes, comments, or messages regarding your bath tray measurements we cannot complete your order until we have those measurements. If you are not sure our bath tray will work with your tub, please send us a photo of your tub and we can let you know. We would be happy to assist you in ordering or help create a custom order for you. * We will message you once we have the pattern complete, and if you ordered stain, once after it is stained. Please make sure you check your messages. UPGRADES: Easel- Comes Unattached with two notches for different angles, made from wood. We make the easel to fold down flat but can be removed. We can make the easel large enough to hold larger tablets. Please let us know if you need your easel to be made larger. If you do not inform us you need a larger size Easel it will come the standard size. -Stain- Please pick from the stain colors, if you have chosen to upgrade your bath tray with stain on it. -Indentations- for candles or Drink wear: Tea Light Candle: 2 Cup or large Candle: 3.5 typical. Wine glass: 3 typical. (If you do not see the size or placement of the indentation you want please message us and we can make a custom order for you.) – To have your tray made out of teak please see our other listing for our teak bath tray. Soap Dish- To add a matching soap dish, from the same wood we make your tray out of, to your order here is the listing: www.etsy.com/listing/478681000 STYLES: If you would like any upgrades please choose which number from our combinations you want when checking out. If you do not see your combination please email us and we can give you a price and create a custom order for you. If you do NOT want to add any upgrades please choose Standard Bath Tray with Standard Clear Oil as the Finish. Style Options- 0 Standard Bath Tray, No Upgrades: Tray Only with Clear Oil No Stain 1 Easel Only 2 Easel and Stain 3 Stain Only Easel, Stan & 2” Indentation 4 Easel, Stain, and one 2 indentation: Top Right 5 Easel, Stain, and one 2 indentation: Top Left 6 Easel, Stain, and two 2 indentation: one on top Left and one on top Right corner. Easel & 2” Indentations 7 Easel and one 2 indentation: Top Right 8 Easel and one 2 indentation: Top Left 9 Easel and two 2 indentation: one on top Left and one on top Right corner. One 2” Indentation Only 10 One 2 indentation: Top Right 11 One 2 indentation: Top Left 12 Two 2 indentation: one on top Left and one on top Right corner.

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Looking for a wonderful wedding gift? Maybe something perfect for that special someone in your life. This one of a kind personalized up-cycled vintage window is what you have been searching for. The above pictured window has the family name centered in the top pane accented by Victorian flourishes. The bottom pane has three 5×7 empty frames that you can easily put your favorite pictures in to share your fondest moments. This vintage window can be personalized to your liking in so many different ways. You can choose different sized frames, we have different fonts available, different colors of vinyl, you can replace the family name with any name you choose or simply the world Family if you want. All of our windows are kept in the original found condition to preserve the weathered beauty. This particular window you can see 3 layers of different paint and age. Dimensions: 32×19 Please contact us if you like this window but would rather it say something else or be configured differently. We personalize these windows for you and do all that we can to make your vision come true. Dont forget to check out some of our other fun personalized items.

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